Turlock Groundwater Basin Association

Formation of the Association

The Turlock Groundwater Basin Association (TGBA) was initially formed in 1995 by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to provide a forum for local agencies to work together and to develop an initial Basin-wide Groundwater Management Plan (Plan) for the Turlock Groundwater Basin (or Subbasin). The initial plan, developed to comply with AB 3030, was adopted by local agencies in 1997. The formal MOU terminated on its own terms in December 1997. However, the agencies continued to meet regularly to coordinate groundwater management activities.

After continuing to meet for several years without a formal agreement, the agencies decided to reform the TGBA with a second MOU adopted in 2001. The Parties entered into this second MOU in order to coordinate continued implementation of the Plan. The second MOU remains in place today, and provides the foundation for TGBA activities. The MOU recognizes that:

In signing onto the MOU, the Parties recognized that:

Purpose and Goals:


The TGBA has engaged in a variety of activities, including, but not limited to:

TGBA Members

City of Modesto City of Ceres
City of Hughson
City of Turlock
City of Waterford Deniar Community Services District

Water District

Keyes Community Services District Merced County

Eastside Water District
Hilmar County Water District Stanislaus County
Merced Irrigation District Turlock Irrigation District